Adult PVC Figures

Adult PVC figures are basically ecchi anime statues or hentai statues that often sexual, and reveal much! These statues have become quite popular, so here are some of the newest released ones.

Demon Squeezer Diabolus Inclinatus Purple Ver. sexy cast off anime figure 1-8th scaled pvc by Embrace Japan 001

Demon Squeezer Diabolus by Embrace Japan

Here we see Demon Squeezer Diabolus, manufactured by Embrace Japan. This figure is a cast-off, meaning that the clothes are removable! Click the image to find out more about this sexy hentai statue!

Dendrobium Azalee Creator's Labo Sexy hentai 1-6th scaled PVC by Yamato 004

Dendrobium Sisters - Azalee by Yamato

Here, we have one of the two Dendrobium sisters, Azalee, manufactured by Yamato. Her clothes is practically falling off, and she is wearing no underwear! That's what makes this statue an Adult PVC figure. Those interested can see more pictures and find out more by clicking the image above.

Brandish by Orchid Seed

Next up is Brandish, manufactured by Orchid Seed. Obviously, this is an adult PVC figure. She's in a very sexy pose, and her clothes is falling off! For uncensored pictures, and more information, be sure to click the image above!

Kudwafter Noumi Kudryavka 1-8th Scaled PVC Nobi Nobi Wafu Wafu Pettanko by Chara-Ani 008
Kudryavka by Chara-ani

One of my favorite characters ever, Noumi Kudryavka, of Kud Wafter, can be seen in the above cast-off figure. What's unique about this figure is that all of her clothes can be removed, even her underwear! For uncensored images and more information, be sure to click the image above!

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